Panoptes Collection was established by Emilie De Pauw in 2015 with the aim to preserve Claire De Pauw’s collection.

A dedicated patron of the arts for fifty years, Claire De Pauw (1925-2015) assembled a collection of fine and decorative arts. The collection is housed in a 1970s apartment in the heart of Brussels, where Claire De Pauw sought to create an environment where art works spanning centuries and continents can enter into dialogue with each other.

Through an effort of conservation and loans to institutions, Panoptes Collection intends to protect and maintain Claire De Pauw’s original approach to art. Since 2017, Panoptes Collection broadened its activities to support contemporary practices in the fields of art and philosophy, both in Belgium and abroad. It is conceived as a platform with two objectives: to champion contemporary artists and thinkers through the commission, production and presentation of works and research projects, and to develop an educational program bridging art and philosophy for children.